The REBOL Library

The Library

Offical description

“REBOL Library internals” by Sunanda is one of the largest pure REBOL CGI-driven websites; over 250 scripts totalling over 2 meg of code. It is developed by a collaborative team of REBOL enthusiasts cross four continents. The presentation looks, in part, at how such a large project is built.

Unofficial description

It’ll be at 16:15 at the end of the first day, we’ll be running late, people will be tired, and all they’ll really want to hear is Carl’s presentation that follows.

So the main aim is to keep everyone awake.


Two versions of the final notes for the DevCon presentation now on Both are PDFs. Both have both the slides and the presenter’s notes.

(High resolution: 4.4 meg download)

(Low resolution: 1.2 meg download)

Please use this page to add any questions you want asked / answered during the presentation (or after).

Thanks, Sunanda