How worthless is this, everybody is enjoyed about what? No info/slides/notes/whatsoever/worthlessss! Devcon 2007 is a joke?

RESPONSE: Hi Kolt, the elephant in the REBOL room at the moment is R3.  Short the announcement of an imminent release thereof (which there was), DevCon 2007 may be considered a dissapointment.  However, there’s more to Paris than unveiling the ‘next big thing’ — it’s a rare coming together of much of our geographically fractured community, sharing ideas and strategies, the possibilities this language creates.  The info/slides/notes/videos will come (for those not following the live stream or AltME chat), as will R3.  And many of us will persevere with REBOL-based projects regardless, whether we were there or not.  I’m not sure it’s the end of the world having a delay in relating all the minutae, especially when there’s a town to paint red…

- Chris